Why You Should Look For a Professional On-Site Shredding Company

With the increase in company competition, it is significant that internal and delicate data is kept safe. Clients may use paper information to destroy you even if you are sure that your digital data is well protected.

Disposing the documents before you destroy the information herein may compromise your corporate as well as personal safety. Companies without appropriate plans for keeping their customer’s documents safe may incur huge fines for defying the law.

Why Hire Professional Shredding Companies?

This helps ensure compliance and saves your time. These are the main reasons for hiring proficient onsite shredding company companies:

It Keeps Your Company Productive

If you have many documents to dispose, making an employee use their time doing it decreases your company’s productivity.

It Reduces In-House Security Compromise

This is one of the main reasons why you should hire a professional company. Giving your employees private information to discard means you have allowed them access to private information. Have a written policy for information disposal to prevent legal ramification as a result of leakage of private information. Hiring an ISO 9001 and NAID AAA certified organization is your best option for preventing in- house information leakage for haphazardly destroyed documents.

Follow Security Guidelines

Your organization will be held responsible I case of employee accidents, based on the shredding process put in place. Choose a company that can properly destroy your documents and discard them professionally. You can check out resources that give tips on how to hire professionals. Ensure that you learn about their business culture though the reviews left by other customers. Here are tips on how to read online reviews critically; don’t just trust everything you read

Your Private Documents Are Securely and Safely Shredded Onsite

Office shredders are not as secure and accurate as those used by professional onsite shredders. Professional shredding companies ensure secure destruction of private information. Certified organizations offer Destruction Certificates after successfully shredding your documents to keep you reassured. This is one of the reasons why smart businesses hire professionals.

Hiring Professional Shredding Companies May Be Convenient

Most of them will offer you lockable security/storage bins for safely storing your documents to be destroyed regularly to prevent theft. You need to inform the shredding company about when you need their services so that they can visit your organization and destroy the documents curbside and then take the destroyed documents away.

Helps You Save Money

Using shredding companies can save you a lot. You will not incur any replacement or repair expenses of your office shredder because you use it in-house.  Your staff will not be distracted from performing their normal duties. Shredder companies also take a shorter time than your staff would. The companies also provide a destruction certificate, which gives you a regular shredding schedule. Saving time increases compliance level and hence saves you money.

You Don’t Have To Prepare the Paperwork

Office shredders take a lot of time since the documents need to be organized to prevent it from jamming. Professional shredding firms do not require having the papers prepared before shredding.

They have shred containers equipped with safety mechanism. If you fill the containers, inform your shredder company so that it can send you a truck to have your papers destroyed. Some companies may not even charge you feed for extra call services.

You May Enjoy Other Services from Your Shredder Company

Some companies offer extra services like destruction of your hard drive, disposing your IT asset and destroying obsolete products. You may enjoy extra discounts from the extra services.

You Maintain Compliance through Completion of the Custody Chain

In many countries in Europe alongside USA, companies are legally liable for the safety of the staff and customers’ personally identifiable data. The Federal Commission of Trade can hold companies responsible for information theft and breach through FACTA; the Act for Accurate and Fair Credit Transaction. It is a crime to have insufficient security and to haphazardly dispose private documents. You can complete the custody chain through online destruction firms, and you can confirm that they have discarded the papers before they leave.

You Can Recycle the Shredded Paper

Professional shredder companies recycle the destroyed paper, for environmental conservation. Recycling is a good way for shredder companies to show their corporate responsibility.


If your company’s delicate information is destroyed, it may cost you greatly. You need to ensure that you safely dispose all the delicate information and be compliant with statutory laws. Onsite recycling and shredding companies are your best option for safely discarding delicate information. You will be assured that it cannot be accessed be people likely to misuse it. Furthermore, it is against the law not to protect the confidential details of your potential and current customers as well as staff. You may suffer government sanctioning or be charged heavy fines. Hire a professional onsite shredding company to be sure your sensitive information is securely and safely destroyed.

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