How to Improve Your Website

Do you have a website that does seem not to be doing as well as you had hoped for?  It might be that on the vast online presence your page is simply not set up correctly.  When consumers search for information they require, they use specific keywords.  If your website does not contain these specific keywords the respective search engine will not direct them to your page - resulting in an unsuccessful website.  There are ways to improve the ratings on your site and make it accessible in terms of what people are searching for.

SEO Services

Search engine optimization is the process of increasing your ranking on search engines and consequently the number of visits to your website.  It is a service that web design companies offer in which they include analysis of competitor sites, finalisation of keywords, SEO ranking reports, title and content optimisation, image and link optimisation and more.  This allows your website to become progressively present online and increases marketing of your respective business or venture. Whether its a service or product that you are selling, a well designed website will help you with the marketing. In other words it allows businesses to achieve efficiency and effectiveness in the e-world.

Many web design companies charge under 150 pounds with graphic design and SEO services included in their packages.  Perhaps you already have an established website but wish to include these services for the benefit of your business.

It is possible to find companies that offer SEO services for under £350 per year which is the cheapest web design services.  This price range will give you availability to the following:

·         Analysing of keywords

·         Technical Analysis and review

·         Website optimisation

·         Reports

These are the basic services of SEO but the costs allow the small start up businesses to become a part of the online marketing world.

Additionally there are companies that will offer SEO services for £70 per month and these services include the following:

·         In depth related Keyword Research

·         Optimising Content

·         Doing titles and meta tags 

·         Weekly online reports

·         Google XML Sitemap

·         New search engine optimised pages

·         W3C Validations for Home page

·         Image Optimisation

·         Log File Analysis

·         Email Support

Although the latter is slightly more expensive it is the most most affordable for the quality they provide.  There are various additional services that aid in the growth of your website and business. You also need to do some good research before you choose a service provider to do your website.

Graphics and your Website

The function of graphics cannot be unnoticed, it is a very important thing that you also need to consider.  Graphics is concerned with making the content of your website appealing, you want to attract new customers and retain the ones you already have.  Graphic design is visual communication and of the utmost importance in the world of online browsing.  The process of using images, symbols and words to convey an idea or message is what can ensure the success of your website.

If a consumer does not find your website visually appealing they might be reluctant to browse the rest of your website.  Let’s look at five ideal rules of effective graphic design:

·         Pay close attention to the colours you choose to use

Colours have different effects and should therefore be chosen carefully.  Blue for example is often associated with trust and security and is a colour used by many banks and businesses.

·         Sometimes less is more

Online readers prefer simplicity as opposed to an overcrowded website.  Minimalism focuses on conveying very specific messages.

·         Universality

Try to stick with ideas that have a universal likeness to them.

·         Create a balance

Creating a perfect balance between images and content makes your website more appealing.

·         Choose a definite style

By sticking to a style throughout your website you craft a coherent website.

Stiff Competition

Excellent graphic designing will increase the congeniality of your website.  A well design website will ensure that you do not leave the viewers to your site frustrated.  On the contrary they may remember your website better than the rest.

The online marketing industry is a fierce and vibrant world, competition is stiff out there.  Businesses are competing with one another at a rate like never before, .  An exceptional website to your business is one way of ensuring you reach your target audience with a powerful message that represents your business.  There are options out there that meets every budget and business needs.  From the most affordable for the quality they provide to the lavish and extravagant options for those with a grander budget.  The idea is to use the information of SEO and professional graphic designing to optimise your business potential.

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