Envelopes are Effective Marketing Tools

Effective Envelope Marketing 

Many business owners tend to leave out envelope marketing form their marketing campaigns because many see envelopes are just containers for the marketing messages on the flyers and brochures are contained by the envelopes but they do not see the envelopes as marketing mediums. Envelope marketing can be quite effective and can be the key to getting the marketing message of the brochures and envelopes delivered to the recipients. 

There are a number of things that you must consider if you plan on utilizing envelope marketing and making it as effective as possible.



Some envelopes are just better than others simply because of the quality of the envelope. A sturdy envelope will deliver your marketing message much better than a not so sturdy envelope.


The size of the envelope should be considered because it not only determines what will fit inside the envelope but also determines that amount of space that you have for your marketing message.


As a marketing tool, if the appearance or design of the envelope is not consistent with your brand identity, then it does not make sense using your envelopes as marketing tools.


The color of the envelope also very important and will determine how well your marketing message is received. For example, red coloured envelopes are perfect for sending Christmas card.

Maintain Consistency with Your Brand Identity

Here are a few tips that you can use to make the best impression on the recipient, regardless of if you use brown colour envelopes or any other color, size and quality.

Less is More

Don’t let your envelope be cluttered otherwise it will look disorganized and will not be an effective marketing tool. In addition, if you are printing on colored envelope such as blue coloured envelopes and you have too much clutter, the envelope will look horrible and the recipient will most likely dispose of it immediately. 

Use the flap and the inside effectively

By designing the flap and the inside you can make use of empty space effectively. Not many businesses design the flap and the inside, so that will definitely set you apart.

Show a call to action on the envelope

Simple words such as “Read more inside….NOW” can really make a huge difference and be quite effective, getting people to open the envelope and see the content of the letter.

Window or Closed Face Envelopes

Traditionally, envelopes with windows were considered business envelopes while closed face envelopes were considered personal envelopes. While envelopes with windows do have their advantages in that the recipient can get a sneak peek of what is in the envelope and companies incur less addressing costs, closed faced envelopes can provide you with more room to market your company. So you really need to look at the benefits and decide which option is better for you.

Regardless of whether or not you choose for window or closed face envelopes, you must be aware of the fact that every envelope has hot spots. What exactly are hot spots? Well, these are areas where the eyes go first. It could be the corners or where the addressing is. Fact is that these are the areas that you really need to focus on and make sure that the impact that they have on your recipients are maximized. What the recipient sees in these hot spots will decide whether or not he or she will keep your mail. 

Effective Envelope Marketing Tips

You should make sure that your envelopes have the following five elements:

  The name and address of your prospect written as accurately as possible. Many times companies generate mailing lists that have been populate with faulty information. If you spell the recipient’s name wrong, you immediately lose credibility so always make sure your addressing is accurate.
Surveys have shown that one of the first things that people look at when they receive a mail is the return address so it might be advisable to put a return address without listing your company’s name. That way, if they recipient has any preconceived opinion about your company, they won’t know the mail is from you until after they open the envelope.
Teasers are very important. It is the best way to get your prospects engaged so make sure that there is a teaser and that it is big and bold so that the user cannot miss it. It should be such a teaser that it would immediately prompt the recipient to open the envelop as soon as it has been seen.


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